Título Mei Operaciones

Brokerage service between Institutional Investors (Afores, Fund Operators, Insurance Companies and Pension Funds) and Financial Intermediaries (Broker Dealers and Banks) that allows immediate concerting of debt market operations. In addition, it provides relevant market information and disseminates quotes.


Bid/Offer Screen

On-screen buy/sell prices

Auction Request

Electronic operation in which Institutional Investors (II) ask Financial Intermediaries (FIs) for price on traded instruments.

Blocktrade auction request

Electronic operation in which II ask for a quote from the FIs, complying with the amount established by the National Banking and Securities Commision (CNBV).

MEI Matching

Electronic platform on which MID MARKET flows are operated.

Legal information: Mercado Electrónico Institucional, S.A. de C.V.” (MEI). Authorized by the National Banking and Securities Commision (CNBV), dated 02 October 2014, to act as a company that administers systems to facilitate securities transactions.